Title screen

Article by FTG Contributor Robert Beach

It’s been quite a while since Deep Silver’s isometric dungeon slasher made an appearance. In the hands off demo at PAX, developer Keen Studios walked to their table donning PS3 Controllers showing us that Sacred 3 is expanding the market on every HD console available.

One of the first things that hit me when watching the demo was that the camera compliments the lush backdrop so well when combat is stripped away. These parts where the camera forces you to admire the handy work of the developers, allowing down time to be not mindless exploring through a narrow path with feigned interest; watching the cityscapes of rich colors float by as you jog toward the next objective in a an isometric angle is stunning.

Let’s not forget the action RPG aspect; the battles seem to be suited for consoles, rather the enormous amount of clicking on PC. The demo highlighted much of the combined abilities of each character in tandem with each other. Each character isn’t a palette swap, but has their distinct passive and active abilities. With that said, four player Co-op is the main attraction. Couch or connected, with friends or solo, the AI will always come along for the distraction or the comfort of unity with a hint of more creative co-op combos.

Despite the focus on co-op & the scenery, I felt the combat was standard. Never exciting me nor did I groan in disgust, it was uninteresting. Watching fighters going area to area, was not exhilarating without having the knowledge of the intricacies of every little bit of upgrade, equipment, and skills. Some minor points of this is the green skinned fodder thrown at their buddies reacts to how a 200+ pound person is flung at another obese creature. Environments play into the gameplay as well, besides being a platform for the always comical two story plus fall, have all the character stand on a pressure sensitive block and the chasing horde of creatures get sliced by the looming blades.

In the short stint of previewing the upcoming 2013 release of Sacred 3, I’m glad they went with consoles to showcase the title. We don’t normally see too many pure dungeon crawlers on our TVs and hope this move can lead the way.