Pax Dishonor

What happens when you take Assassin’s Creed, mix it with Bioshock, add a ton of rats with the plague, and a dash of War of the Worlds?  The result is Dishonored.
Dishonored is set in a world that you might find familiar, yet it does not belong to any particular time or place.  That is because Dishonored has a foundational base of 1700’s London, but then they wanted the player to suspend their beliefs, and added a layer of mysticism and a layer of technology so they could be more flexible with the game mechanics. But where does this technology come from?  The driving force of said technology was chosen and after spending a lot of time flushing out the details of the world, drawing maps, social/political structures and creating the characters, Dishonored stands alone in a vast and unique world  that begs to be discovered inch by inch.

In Dishonored, we follow the story of Corvo Attano, who was a legendary bodyguard to the Empress.  Sadly the Empress dies and Corvo is framed for her murder, thus forcing him to become an assassin to seek revenge against those people that have wronged him. Bethesda was at PAX Prime bringing us the single player experience that we’ll soon get to experience.  The demo for PAX takes you far into the story.  Learning the controls, even with laminated guides in front of you, took a bit to get used to.  Dishonored has vast amounts of weapons, technology and magic, so that without the normal progression of game, it was hard to get accustomed to the controls.   Once I had died several times due to leeches in the river, I was free to explore a bit of the world that surrounded me.  I got to escape from a huge mech, ran away from plague infected zombie like civilians and fooled a guard into letting me into a fancy party that they were having.  The area was filthy and depressing, while the party was elitist and beautiful, thus doing a great job of highlighting the state of the world around you, compared to those that have been silver spooned even in times of despair.

Dishorored robot

Even though it felt that the beginning of the game would have been a better candidate to bring to a huge convention like PAX, Arcane studios really liked this particular mission and it demos really well, albeit with a steep learning curve.  Bethesda was around helping gamers navigate through the missions, as they had tons of stations set up to share the experience that Dishonored has to offer.  Sadly, much of the information has yet to be revealed, as Arcane Studios is not going to show us all their cards.  Many of my questions where answered with: “You’ll have to play the game to find out!” followed by a big Cheshire smile.

Dishonored comes to a game store near you on October 9th in the US and October 12th  in the UK.