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It’s called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 reMIX, and it’s coming to PS3 in Japan next year. North American and European versions have not yet been announced, but we can’t see Square Enix skipping those money-making markets. But why the weird name? Well, that’s why we call it a partial collection.

reMIX contains the Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (which is the original game with a few extra in-game goodies), re:Chain Memories, and theater-style cut scenes from 358/2 Days. The 1.5 denotes that this it the trilogy of games around the original Kingdom Hearts. This means that the expected 2.5 would theoretically include Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, Birth by Sleep, and 3D. And yes, we know HD 1.5 reMIX is a stupid name, but look at those other titles we mentioned. Do you expect anything less from Square Enix?

The collection will also include trophies for the original KH and Chain of Memories. We’ll keep you updated as more info comes to us.

  • smikey1123

    Dream Drop Derp. For looking as if they are designed to be played by children, they have one of the most conveluted stories I have seen.

    • chaingunpope

      As an admitted fanboy of the series, I agree.

      • smikey1123

        That isn’t to say that I don’t love the first 2 games, but once they went to handhelds the gameplay got to complicated for the systems they were on (I’m looking at you Re:Coded). Plus missing one meant missing a large chunk of story. That being said, I am glad they are being rereleased. I just wish they were coming to the 360 as well.

      • chaingunpope

        I think there would be a bigger uproar if it did go multiplatform though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/realar01 Peter McKennon

    Yeah come on put it on the Wii U and PS3!