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In a Q and A on Kotaku today Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, was asked if there will be more playable classes in Borderlands 2 as DLC. While he couldn’t be specific on any plans past Octobers Mechromancer, he did say that if the community has enough interest in the Mecromancer there will be more classes to come.

“We created the ability in Borderlands 2 to add additional characters because we want to use that ability. The Mechromancer is the first one. I hope to do more. The success of the Mechromancer will help to define this. Our ambition and passion and our fans requests will also contribute to decision making about what we do.”

He also isn’t above taking fans suggestions as to who may be making an appearance.

“It’s just a little bit too early for me to announce anything specific yet, but we have some plans and some hopes and dreams. We’re also open to influence. Visit the forums at and tell us what you think. There is active brainstorming about new characters going on as I type this.”

So here is your chance to help shape a new character class for Borderlands 2. Will you be getting any of the new classes when they are eventually released? Let us know in the comments below.