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Happy Weekend everyone!  The FTG gang gathered around to put down some good ol’ four player Borderlands 2 action for this week’s Friday Night Poker; we’re trying to make this a regular thing, but with staffers literally located across the globe across a multitude of timezones, schedules, and consoles, it can be quite the pain the ass getting a four person co-op game going, even on a weekend!

So, this co-op happened Saturday (yes, the video series is called “Friday Night Poker”, but again, you do the video when you can do the video) night, September 22nd with a four player run on Borderlands 2.  This week’s victims are Gamergirl, Phazon117 and Shanghai Six, while Smikey1123 pulls up a little late and without microphone recording capabilities, so he plays our mute friend who occasionally revives us.  No one of the group has beaten the game yet, and everyone is leveled between 13-18, but we do run some story missions, so mild spoiler alert.

This week, the gang talks about the Wall Street Journal’s horribly-yet-hysterically written review of Borderlands 2, Shanghai talks about playing the captivating “Oregon Trail in Space” kickstarter game FTL (Faster Than Light), we talk about Sony screwing up with the announcement of yet another Sony Playstation 3, and….hey, wait…was this week the Tokyo Game Show?

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I also hate to give ANY traffic to the Wall Street Journal for that terrible Borderlands 2 review, but you really just have to see it to believe it.  It also makes me laugh that the review has 3500 comments and the next highest number of comments for an article on that blog is in the 60s.  Angry nerd mob, attack!