NBA Live 13

Remember NBA Live 13, the NBA game that was supposed to bring back the glory to the Live series? Well, you can continue to wait on that.

EA announced that they will be canceling NBA Live 13, which would have been their first NBA title released since October 6, 2009. Andrew Wilson, who is EA SPORTS’s Executive Vice President, stated that the game wouldn’t have been ready for release by October and instead would have been ready midway through the season. He then states that “..we’re going to sit out the full year, and stay focused on making next year’s game great.”

EA SPORTS has seemed to have issues with their many attempts to release Baskeball games, as not only has NBA Live 13  been on the back burner, but they also haven’t released a title in the March Madness series, a series they own the Collegiate Sports license for, since November 17, 2009. It seems that Basketball fans will have to wait another year, or pick up NBA 2K13.