FTG's Firmware Update

FTG’s Firmware Update Boys are Back in Town as Joe makes his return (again) to the show. Are he and his one and a half kidneys working? Stay tuned!

On this week’s FTG’s Firmware Update, We talk about trilogymania, as Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect have collections coming out. Are these worth the money? Okami HD gets a released date while a few get release windows. Plus we talk a bit about Sony’s new Day 1 Digital; both good and bad.

Plus the guys give you a heads up on what they’ve been playing and what reviews to expect. All this and Malcolm’s mic goes to crap on this week’s FTG’s Firmware Update!


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FTG’s Firmware Update Hosts:

Malcolm “Coward Duck” Spinedi: (@CowardDuck)

Joe “Joe Garcia” Garcia: (@Wons23)

Tyler “Samurai Zero” Lee: (@_SamuraiZero_)


Intro – “Boss – Marian II” by Jake Kaufman

Outro – “WWE” El Realeza (Alberto Del Rio)” by Jim Johnston

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