What’s up everyone? Coward Duck here with a awesome little trick to make Vault Hunting a little easier. Borderlands 2 is still hot even two weeks after release. The challenges of Pandora are tougher than ever before, and if you want to get through it you’re going to need some powerful guns. Gearbox has been nice to help you out some, including handing out codes for Golden Keys all last week. The Keys are nice since they guarantee a powerful rare weapon each time you use them on the Golden Chest. Sadly, the keys are few. Use it once and it’s gone, and that goes for all your other other characters. And its a shame, it sure would make the game easier if some genius figured out how to use those keys infinitely.

Oh wait, someone did, and that someone is myself, Coward Duck.

If you had been listening to the latest Firmware Update podcast, you heard that I have been trying to figure out a cheat for the Golden Keys. I had failed at that time, but I am happy to say I figured it out. So without further ado, here’s how to to use your Golden Keys endless in Borderlands 2.


A Playstation 3: Sorry XBox 360 users, this method has only been tested on a PS3. Since XBox 360 has cloud storage, you could use this trick, but I’ve only tested it on the PS3. You have been warned.

Copy of Borderlands 2: Duh.

Playstation Plus: In order for this to work, you’ll need a subscription with PS+. We’ll be needing namely the Cloud Storage that comes with it. For those who don’t have Playstation Plus, trust me you’ll thank me later.

– At Least 1 Golden Key: You’ll need at least one Golden Key to start. While it speeds up the hoarding process if you you have multiple, you can only do this if you have at least one key.


Borderlands 2

Before you use any of the keys, save everything to your PS+ cloud storage. When I say everything, I mean everything, specifically the Profile Data.


Borderlands 2

Get to Sanctuary. Whether you’re starting and getting there or just Fast Traveling back, what you need to do is get it so when you start the game you’re right next to the chest.


Borderlands 2

Use the Keys. It’s okay, go ahead. Collect everything.


Borderlands 2

Save and Quit, and then exit back to the PS3 home screen.


Borderlands 2

Go to Game, and then “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”. Scroll up to “Online Storage” and find your Borderlands 2 Profile Data that you saved there in Step 1. Hit triangle and copy it back to your PS3. Don’t worry, just say yes to everything.


Borderlands 2

Go back into Borderlands 2, and return to your character. Not only will your Keys be back but you’ll still have all the items from when you used the first set of keys.


Borderlands 2

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Borderlands 2

Before you finish your hoarding session make sure to end by Copying the Profile Data back on your PS3. If you have the autosave feature turned on your PS3, and it saves the Profile Data with no Keys to your Online Storage, the fun is over.

Use this as many times as you wish for as many guns or items as you want. Better act soon! When Gearbox hears about this, you better believe a Patch is coming!

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Go on and get you some! Head over to GearBox Software to learn more about Borderlands 2!