The Free to Play genre has a wealth of fresh ideas, new business models, and innovation. However, on the opposite spectrum of things, the naysayers and hardcore gaming crowd rag them for being incomplete and focused on the “Pay to Win” model. Heated as whether to side with the pessimists or not, some games deserve that stigma, those negatives toward a “free” game. Brick Force is one such game that deserves your contempt: a basic browser title that’s has free to play aspects shoehorned in.

If you’ve ever encountered a free to play game, then this information is familiar. You finish a match and gain points. Points are used to purchase weapons, cosmetic decorations, items based upon usage, and equitable. Depending on patience, a choice is hanging in the balance: either slowly acquire points after matches and slowly over days of playing save up enough points to buy that next big shiny thing,  or whip out the credit card to cut time. Of course, it’s completely optional and good free-to-play games make it possible to never spend a cent on it.

Brick Force

Sadistically charming to shoot the enemy!

For the basic gameplay of Brick Force, you’ve been given a sandbox to play in wrapped in boring First Person Shooter (FPS) arena. The shooter aspect is set with multiplayer leveling and the regular selection of game types (Capture the Flag, Defend the Bomb, Deathmatch). The game also comes with a map maker that gives players the potential to create well designed areas from simple square blocks and enact in more standardize shooting.

With the abundance of games with guns, the majority strives to stand out and have a different twist on their genre. Brick Force adds little to the table. Most of the time you’re playing in a symmetrical map gunning down the opposition, the archetypal style of all multiplayer shooters.  However, it’s the simplistic way it is done that makes it uninteresting. There’s no precision to controlling these brick people, and nothing to pretty up death match.  Just being a first person shooter isn’t enough anymore.

In Brick Force, there are limitations rather than innovations. Automatic reload after an empty clip is now a luxury, a purchase of in game points or cash tokens for constricted use. Additionally, if it wasn’t for the red usernames above characters, enemies and allies would blend together in a frenzy of hesitation fire. Paying for things most FPS gamers are already accustomed to in more refined shooters is strange, but those don’t make the playing field unfair: unbalancing items like the heartbeat sensor and increased speed does.  The weapons you can purchase from the store far outclass the games starting weapons. This is “Pay to Win” at its ugliest.

Brick Force

Map Making in Progress!

Guns are unbalanced, make no mistake, every person with a sniper held the top spot in cheap kills. Brick shots (critical headshots) in Brick Force are so easy to pull off when the target is about the size of a watermelon, they might as well be sawed off shotguns. The game is fixed in permanent “big head” mode.

Brick Force’s map making is enjoyable for those who want to dream big with the help of the simplicity of stacking. A click of the mouse places the block, then another to pile on. Physics won’t get in the way as by alternate firing. you remove the selected block and the rest packed on are still. Even better than the basic level creator is the level of resemblance you can attain when recreating notorious maps to the solid brick state. “Nuketown” from Black Ops was easily recognizable and a sight to see with the rudimentary brick layering. Unfortunately, these handcrafted designs are near impossible to find, as the game has no way to sort maps by quality or if they were created by developers, forcing you to test your luck with horrible player creations.  With no audit system in place, most of the maps I tried weren’t even playable in Brick Force.

Brick Force

No you can’t have a barcode on the back of your head, but you can call yourself Brickman!

We’ve shot people before, we’ve created well-crafted maps to play in before, we’ve planted a bomb before, but the game lacks real staying power. Outside of the map maker,you’ll quickly find yourself with little left in Brick Force to entice you back. With this “free to play” (and I’m using the quotes liberally here) game, strip away the cute ascetic of blocks and you still have a poor attempt at a shooter that is everything wrong with the free-to-play market right now.

brick force

You dare to oppose our review!? Check out Brick Force for yourself here and comment below!

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