Darksiders IIDarksiders II recently got its first bit of DLC, called Argul’s Tomb. The DLC is essentially a loot quest, designed to give you a chance to snatch up some nice rare items. In order to get to the loot, you’ll need to complete three areas. Is that substantial enough to get you to throw down $6.99 (560 Microsoft Points)? That is the question.

Darksiders II: Argul’s Tomb is more of a spin-off and not to be taken as a real continuation of Darksiders II. The area of the DLC is not accessed through the main game’s map, but  is separate from the story. As the level starts, you meet up with the merchant Ostegoth, who tells you the tale of Argul, the previous Lord of the Dead. Long story short, Argul left a chest filled with precious items, and it’s rumored to still be out there.

You have three missions to take on; these consist of two normal dungeons and, oddly enough, another third-person shooter. The shooter isn’t a dungeon, but an open area where swarms of enemies rush at you. You’re armed with gun called a Gore Hammer, which is essentially a grenade launcher. With it, you shoot at waves of enemies coming at you, tapping a second button to detonate the bullets lodged in the enemies. The gun isn’t a weapon you can keep and use later, and you can only use it in this one section of the map. Darksiders is a franchise that borrows from a lot of games, so why not Gears of War?

Darksiders II


However, I wish they had done more with this section. Once again, if they’re going to take from something, why not just take as much as you can? It could have been interesting if they made a DLC that was completely different from the main game. Maybe some areas for cover, and more varieties of enemies (perhaps some that shoot back) and weapons. Sadly, it has very little variety of enemies. You have three types that come in waves throughout the entire area, followed by a group of Ice Giants, and that’s it. It’s a little disappointing, and goes back to what I didn’t like about Darksiders II: It takes a bit from other games, but doesn’t follow through with it enough.

However, I do admit it’s a fun little quest that can get you a lot of gear to use later on. Enemies were dropping equipment left and right, and a lot of it was good. The mechanics for the shooting worked well, and I love that the bullets attach to the enemies so you can detonate for additional damage. The shooting and explosions are very satisfying, and once again, they have the groundwork for something fun that I hope they expand upon in future Darksiders II DLC.

The two main dungeons are high-level areas – not so much with enemies, but with equipment. For instance, if you do not have the Void Walker ability, you won’t get far: you need to get close to the end of Darksiders II before tackling Argul’s Tomb. The dungeons are what you’d expect: lots of climbing walls, using artifacts, and solving puzzles to complete each one. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel too much here. The puzzles will still require a lot of thought to accomplish, and you’ll still feel like a genius when you finally figure it out.

Darksiders II

Getting down to brass tacks here, if you played through Darksiders II and loved it, there’s no reason for you not to get this one. It even gives you another sample of third-person shooter gameplay that they will hopefully return to in the future. If you weren’t a huge fan, you might be enticed at the idea of getting more stuff. There is a chance to get some incredible items that can and will help you in the main game, including a legendary weapon. If none of that appeals to you, you may not want to spend the money.

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Argul’s Tomb is available for $6.99 on PSN and 560 Microsoft points on XBL. The DLC is free if you purchased the Limited Edition of Darksiders II.

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