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Dishonored: Chapter 3 Non-Lethal Ghost Speed Run, Art of the Steal Achievement: FTG Gameguide: By Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga

Well, the Golden Cat lounge, Pendleton Brothers, Slackjaw and that god damn art dealer can go directly to hell.  What a pain in the ass to get through this mission; not in so much that it required extra stealth, but I didn’t realize that Slackjaw sends you on a mission to recover his missing man PRIOR to giving you the mission to get the combination to the art dealer’s safe at the Golden Cat…on TOP of the fact that they don’t TELL you where the art dealer’s apartment is when you get the code for his safe! The “Art of the Steal” achievement is given out for breaking into the art dealer’s apartment and using the code that Slackjaw sends you in for to loot the vault BEFORE you give the code to Slackjaw (devious!), but again, they don’t tell you where his apartment is.  After a bit of wandering about aimlessly, turns out it’s smack dab in the middle of the map, right after the assassins. What a pain in the ass.  Love me some Dishonored, but this was particularly a pain in the butt.  So, please to enjoy, my non-lethal, ghost run through of Dishonored’s Chapter 3 at the Golden Cat.

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