Dishonored: Chapter 5 Non-Lethal Ghost Speed Run, Poetic Justice Achievement: FTG Gameguide: By Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga

Easily one of the simplest non-lethal ghost speed runs of the nine Dishonored missions….ONCE you are able to figure out what in the hell is it you need to do once you’re in the Boyle estate. This mission? You barely need to even see a guard, let alone sneak past one.  The great thing about having a mask on at all times is at a masquerade ball, you blend right in.

Oh, and sorry I start off and possess a fish, I know some folks looking for a “Mostly Flesh and Steel” playthrough don’t have that luxury…but then again, you also probably aren’t trying to stealth through the game either.  I know when I do my MFaS playthrough, I’m going to be killing anyone and everyone who looks at me sideways.  Hey, if I can’t see you ahead of time and you spot me?  Guess what?  You’re dead.

Anyway, back on track , here’s the game play walkthrough video for kidnapping Lady Boyle in Chapter 5!

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