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Firmware Update is here again, and this time it’s personal. However, the PS3-Oh is a PS2-Oh. Joe Garcia is out visiting family in a foreign land who has yet to discover the awesomeness of Wifi. Curse El Salvador and their one road. No worries folks, the Man who Hates Everything will return next week to give us his unique take on all things Playstation.

This week on the Firmware Update, we discuss Ragnorak Odessey and Call of Duty Vita. Which one will be a disgrace and which one will be the credit to the Vita? Guardians of Middle Earth gets a release date. Does anyone care? Tomb Raider gets lots of pre-order bonuses from different stores. Find out which one let’s you cover Lara Croft in mud (no really). Plus in the “About Damn Time” section, we discuss the PSN’s new look. Is it going to make the PSN fun again? Find out!

Also on the Firmware Update, Coward Duck discusses his review of the Argul’s Tomb DLC for Darksiders II, and Samurai Zero goes in-depth about his experiences with Dishonored. And finally… Coward Duck talks about his time with the Walking Dead. Did he fall in line and like it like everyone else? Or does he turn heel and become that guy? Find out on this week’s Firmware Update!


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