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Writers. Have a love for video games, movies, tech, or other nerdy things? Like writing? Have an interest in getting some free stuff for your time? Well, you may be in luck. Front Towards Gamer is looking for a few good writers! Currently we find ourselves with a need for a few more staff writers. We’re currently getting more review copies than we have staff for. This means we are opening up our contributor program once again in order to bring some folks on board. Specifically, we are looking for people to fill roles for iOS, PC, and Xbox reviews.

If you are interested in being one of our writers, please fill out the application here. The application is simple to fill out. Some information is requested such as date of birth (we screen to ensure the proper people can review mature rated games), systems owned, writing experience, and a sample of published work (this can be on a personal blog). Once completed someone from the team will be in contact with you to go over our writing standards and expectations.

Contributors and writers are volunteer positions, but items provided for review are yours to keep unless otherwise noted.

Want to see how far being a part of FTG can take you? Check out our writers interviewing some Game Industry  big wigs from past PAXs!

  • http://twitter.com/redthehaze Red Veron

    I put my hat in. I just churned out a sample just for you guys.