Ever since Pokemon Emerald back in 2005, the Pokemon franchise has been pushing the postgame experience just as much as the game itself. Catching roaming Legendary Pokemon, challenging a more powerful Pokemon League, and topping a whole new area of the region became the standard. The original Black and White had dozens of hours worth of postgame content, and that’s not even counting the constant cycle of breeding and training. Pokemon Black and White 2 feature undoubtably the most content in the entire franchise, with more Legendaries, more tournaments, and more swarms of Pokemon to collect, so let’s get to it.

The Legends

The Reversed Lair of Heatran – Pick up the hidden Magma Stone on Route 18, and you’ll see Heatran in his stomping grounds on Reversal Mountain, where you were with Bianca early in the game. He’s at level 68, and puts up a fight if you’re into it to capture him.

Pokemon B&W2 feature hours of postgame content.

The Marvelous Cresselia – Head to the Strange House near Reversal Mountain, and you’ll come across the Lunar Wing, hidden inside. Head to the Marvelous Bridge, and you’ll come across a level 68 Cresselia.

The Lake Guardians – Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, the Legendary Trio from the Diamond and Pearl era, rear their heads once you beat the Pokemon League. Head to Route 20, where you’ll run into Professor Juniper, encountering the three Pokemon. They’ll split, and you can find them in the following

  • Azelf – You’ll find Azelf on Route 23, over by the stairs near a boulder puzzle. Look south of the forest, to the southeast of a Hiker, at level 65.
  • Uxie – Right outside of the Nacrene Museum, level 65.
  • Mesprit – Climb to the top of the Celestial Tower. Step on a certain spot directly south of the bell, and you’ll find Mesprit at level 65.
The Eon Duo – Latios appears in Black 2, and Latias in White 2. Over in the Dreamyard, east of Striaton City, you’ll run into either. Once you do, they’ll run off, and you’ll have to catch the roaming Pokemon. Catch him or her, and you’ll get a Soul Dew, to boot.
The Regis – Clay’s Tunnel in Driftveil City is now open for business, and toward the end of the tunnel, you’ll find Regirock, but only after a seemingly random hidden switch, but you really just move six steps down and nine steps right from the centerpiece, bringing up Regirock. Getting Regirock unlocks a Unova Link Key that gives you the Iron Key in Black 2 (for Registeel) or the Iceberg Key (for Regice), but you can use infrared connections to exchange them. With the key in hand, go to where you found Regirock, and you’ll find Regice and/or Registeel.
  • Bring Regirock, Registeel, and Regice down to the basement of Twist Mountain and you’ll awaken Regigigas, who is at level 68. Fun fact, you can just transfer Regirock, Regice, and Registeel from earlier games, and that’ll mean all the same to Regigigas.
Pokemon Black and White 2 Cover Pokemon, Kyurem.The Tao Trio Turmoil – During your travels on Victory Road, odds are you saw a Zoroark that was blocking a path to a certain cave. Once you beat the Pokemon League, heading over that way leads you to N’s Castle, where you can battle (and not catch) either Zekrom in Black 2, or Reshiram in White 2. Beating the Pokemon grant you either a Light Stone or Dark Stone, which you can take to the Dragonspiral Tower to actually catch it.
  • After catching it, head to the Giant Chasm, and you’ll run across Kyurem, this time to catch, at level 70. Catch Kyurem, and you’ll get the DNA Splicers from earlier in the game, where you can fuse Kyurem with either Reshiram or Zekrom.
A Newly Familiar Area  – Due to construction, an entire area of Unova was blocked off until you beat the Pokemon League. Check out some of the unlocked areas like the Skyarrow Bridge, Nacrene City, Pinwheel Forest, Striaton City, Nuvema Town, the P2 Lab, and Twist Mountain. You’ll have many events and partners to deal with in this new area, like Cheren in the Pinwheel Forest, with Pokemon at very high levels, so be warned.

There are different swarms of different Pokemon all the time.

Swarms of Pokemon – A staple in the postgame, swarms of Pokemon will start appearing throughout the region. In many paths between cities, the hallway you go through has a breaking news slider that will alert you where the swarm is occurring.

Battle the Former Champion – Go to Alder’s home in Floccesy Town after you defeat the Pokemon League and he’ll invite you for a battle. His Pokemon are one step above the Pokemon League, but not by a significant margin.
Black City and White Forest – The mysterious areas from the original Black and White are back, and offer even more cross-game play. How connecting the two areas works is that every person’s Black 2 or White 2 has at least 10 people who are always there. Talk to a bunch of people there, and as long as those people aren’t already in your game, they have a chance of moving. Your friend’s City/Forest will be the same while yours grows. However, you can’t use two Black Cities or two White Forests, you need one of each. Grow it enough, in addition to using the DS’s Unova Link capabilities, and you’ll unlock Black Tower or White Treehollow, where you can battle all sorts of trainers.
  • Keep up your battles and you’ll come across Benga, who happens to be Alder’s grandson. He has either Latios, Garchomp, and Volcarona in Black 2 or Latias, Dragonite, and Volcarona in White 2. Defeat him and you’ll get a shiny Gible or a shiny Dratini.
Gotta See ‘Em All – If you simply see all the Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex, Professor Juniper will hand you a license that lets you go to the Nature Preserve from the Misaltron Airport. Right Away you’ll see a shiny Haxorus at level 60 waiting for you to capture.
Pokemon World Tournament and Battle Subway – You’re introduced to this portion of the game early on, but you only fight the lower-level enemies. Now that you’ve conquered the Pokemon League, you’re ready to take on the Gym Leaders worldwide. Fight the Unova leaders first. I find them the easiest to deal with. Once you get to other regions like Kanto and Johto, you’ll have to step your game up. Usually you’ll be matched up with a Gym Leader whose type is designed to take your team out, so keep your team diverse.
Battle Subway is the same as the last game, and like the Battle Towers from previous Pokemon games. You fight through seven trainers with various Pokemon in the standard trains, but there are all sorts of trains to pick, in varying degrees of difficulty. The goal of both of these places is to earn BP. You can spend BP on things like TMs, stat items, and even items to help you with the all important EV training. Even if you complete everything on this article, you still will have a lot to do before Black and White 2 are over.

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