Hotline Miami

Are you looking for some bloody, ultra-violent action in the streets of Miami? If so, then the recently released Hotline Miami is just the game for you. Set in the mean streets of Miami in the 1980s, Hotline Miami puts you in the shoes of a normal person thrust into something dark and disturbed. From odd messages on your phone telling you to wreak bloody violence on unsuspecting gangsters, to a plot that is a “dark, surreal storyline that will force you to question your role in this murderous spree.” The gore is over-the-top, and the cartoonish, super colorful art seems to blend well to create an interesting action experience.

Hotline Miami is a top-down adventure game where players are tasked with participating in a mass killing spree of a local thug ring, but why is not apparent in the beginning. The close combat is brutal, not to mention the gunplay, allowing for the use of over 35 different weapons as well as 25 “game altering” masks that give special abilities or perks to the wearer.

The action in Hotline Miami never stops and the features within the game make sure of this. Over 20 multi-level maps are littered with numerous and outnumbering enemies waiting to be bloodied up. 35 weapons are available for your slaughter, including katanas, an assortment of guns, and many more. Finally, a soundtrack with music from the likes of Sun Araw, Coconuts, M.O.O.N., Jasper Byrne, El Huervo, Perturbator, Scattle, Elliott Berlin and Eirik Suhrk graces your PC’s speakers for the perfect sounds of the 80s streets.

If all of this has you wanting to see the game for yourself, then check out our gallery and launch trailer for Hotline Miami below.

Hotline Miami is available at several digital download retailers for $9.99.

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