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WIN PRIZES at OSD’s “8-Bit Salute to Veterans” National Online Raffle, Raising Money for the Troops!

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Helping out the troops is great with Front Towards Gamer’s and Operation Supply Drop’s “8-Bit Salute to Veterans” on November 10th, but we recognize that not everyone can attend one of our live events in NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Dallas or Chicago.  So, to make sure that we get as many people involved in raising donations for soldiers deployed to Afghanistan for Veteran’s Day, thanks to the generous donations of some of our major event sponsors, we’ve got a handful of really incredible prizes we’re raffling off!

All you have to do is buy a ticket and you’re in for the raffle!  One ticket costs $3, but you can buy as many as you’d like to raise your chances of winning a piece of gear here.  Simply use the Chipin link found on either Front Towards Gamer.com or Operation Supply Drop.org, or you can make a direct Paypal donation to donations@operationsupplydrop.org.  If you want a specific piece of swag, simply put that item’s name in the notes section of your donation and we’ll make sure if you win, it goes your way!  The prize drawing will be held through Veteran’s Day, midnight on November 11th, 2012.

First up, this year’s “8-Bit Salute” mega sponsor Capcom steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park with not one but TWO 25th Anniversary Street Fighter chess sets. Each set is valued at a $300 and is made up of pewter and resin pieces featuring your favorite Street Fighter characters.  Check out the chess set over at the Capcom store for more details.

street fighter chess set

Next at bat, the master gaming craftsmen of Project Triforce are offering up a full scale replica of a Mass Effect 3 M-3 Predator pistol, a $400 value and a necessary sidearm for all you red-blooded Spectres out there.  For more details, check out the Project Triforce store’s write up about this weaponized piece of art.

project triforce, predator pistol,

Next up, for the Call of Duty fan boy out there who just doesn’t have every piece of swag they can get their hands on to, we present to you the “Treyarch Special”, which consists of just about every piece of Call of Duty swag from the Call of Duty XP event from last year, including SIX Call of Duty shirts, a Call of Duty Elite water bottle, a Call of Duty Elite canteen with cover (yes, an actual military canteen), a  4 GB thumbdrive that looks remarkably like Captain Price, a Call of Duty Elite pewter grenade keychain, a fist full of CoD patches and stickers, and Xbox 360 copies of Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition and Call of Duty Black Ops (sorry, not Black Ops 2).

black ops, black ops 2, call of duty, modern warfare

Keep an eye on this spot, as we will be adding major pieces of gear from several other organizations that you can win over the next few weeks leading up to the big day, November 10th!


Remember that little game Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim?  Yeah, it was awesome.  Well, we’ve got a little something for one lucky donor: a collector’s edition “Alduin” (the dragon) statuette and stand….SIGNED BY FREAKIN’ TODD HOWARD AND THE TEAM THAT CREATED SKYRIM.  Yeah, that’s amazing.

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You know what, because we will undoubtedly get questions “WHERE CANZ I GET CHESS SET TIX?!?!”, let’s just put it up again here.