Code of Princess

You’ve read our Code of Princess Review and later bought it because it’s great, right?Congratulations! You’ve become part of the elite society of obscure 3DS game owners. No turning back, this mindless button smasher of Code of Princess has some depth and strategy going on and Front Toward Gamer is here to assist you further! There are some clarifications we need to explain, like some general all-purpose things to help new players and stuff I made up in to order to assist your start on the campaign!

-Stick to the middle lane and never fight in the furthest lane from the camera

-Blocking and taking hits gains Magic Points ( MP), but your block can only hold for so long.

-Blind (X) and Target (Y) can combine for dealing 4x the damage on the marked.

-Treat the Blind ability equipment of “Moon“ as a health vial.

-Trust us on this, health regain equipment is highly recommended, dropped health on stages are sparse and not to be relied on.

-Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more offensive blind ability, try using “Mars.” The blind ability’s burst pushes and harms surrounding foes.

-The faster your speed, the likely hood of your attacks happening first against a fighter increases.

-The names of the moves and combos are by the look of their attack, thus made up.

Code of Princess Campaign Fighters

Code of Princess

  Primary: Defense, Vitality, Attack           Secondary: Mind, Speed, Piety

Solange is a tank, she needs to be the one who eats up the damage, while able enough to take a couple of hits. That said she needs high health and high defense to take the beating, while making her swings powerful with each hit. Lastly, Solange has a giant freaking sword, use it like one. That said block, block, and do some more blocking to gain health with the “Moon” back with your blind it gains MP for you to use toward your Blind attack to regain health.

Notable powers:

100 MP Red Orb Splash (DOWN –> B) a windup batter swing that emits an explosive orb

Base hit (DOWN –> A) same as the Red Orb Splash without the MP use and more damage

Sword Twirl (DOWN DOWN A or B) Spins her blade behind her then brings it in front of her to launch enemies

Deluxicaliber stab (–> A) a strong horizontal plunge into one or a group, sending the group backward

Swing up (Motionless B) a tossup maneuver, putting enemies venerable in the air

Targeted Foe: Double Damage like the rest, nothing special

Effective Strategy: Start off double tapping a direction to run then tap B for a quick jab with the butt of your sword, followed by a couple standing weak (B) hits to soften the targets. as you’re doing this, blind (Y) for the during to deal double damage. Then devastate them with a Sword Twirl to lift the runts in the air, lastly, end it with a strong smack (Air B) down to the floor and back out of Blind (Y).

Code of Princess

Don’t let her zombie-like state drive you away, her challenging fighting style is actually rewarding at the end.

Primary: Mind, Piety, Defense                  Secondary: Vitality, Speed, Attack

Zozo is a glass cannon. As long as you keep her away from danger and keep the threat facing her. Being a fragile super weapon, her magic attributes should be the top priority. Speed and defense are tricky, you’d have to choose which style is suitable. You can evade much of the danger as you fly from one side to the other with her levitation or allow for less HP loss with every hit, either way they’re interchangeable.

Notable powers:

10 MP Circular Electric shock (Motionless A) an errandic orb that follows

Jump once and jump again and hold to levitate across the map.

Her double down ability with both A and B swiftly lift her above horizontal attacking, higher than a normal jump.

100 MP A horizontal laser attack (Down –> B or A) a laser beam that pushes attackers away

200 MP Rock formation (DOWN A) enemies in close proximity are immobilized and turn into rocky figures for an allotted amount of time.

100 MP Line of White Fire (–> A) sends a beam of white light to the ground and a second later, out comes a stark white         sending those on it in the air.

Targeted Foe: Zozo’s yellow luminescent balls (–> B) chase after the target through lanes

Effective Strategy: Her electric shock (Motionless A) combined with white fire (Facing Direction à A) is able to knock foes backward enough to get the white fire in range quickly ready for the white fire. Another tip for Code of Princess’ Necromancer is to never lose your MP. Magic is your lifeline and when in a boss fight, it is vital. Zozo can’t use the Blind ability of “Moon,” but “Mars” is as great when swarmed by would be attackers, along with a plentiful amount of Piety (MP).

Code of Princess

I have no evidence to support if that is/isn’t a chastity bra…

 Primary: Speed, Attack, Defense.     Secondary: Vitality, Piety, Mind

The quickest and most explosive fighter of Code of Princess, she’ll need to bounce around, peck at contenders, and become a distraction. Ali can’t hold her own ground she has no attack that spreads far enough to manage a lane. That’s why speed is needed to survive, while keeping up with striking hard fast strategy up Attack as well. Ali barely uses magic, when she does, it doesn’t eat up the bar. In the end, her close range jabs and mid-range special combos can be an assist if you know how to pull them off.

Notable Powers:

50 MP Bomb toss (Motionless A, in air A) tosses a bomb

Lightening dash (DOWN –> A) a slash through enemies

Whistle ( –> A) attracts the attention of enemies on screen with a whistle.

Stab (–> B) knocks Baddies to the floor with a behind Stab

Thief toss (DOWN –> B + B) slides underneath attackers with a slash and boots the lot to where she was standing before.

Targeted Foe: Bomb tosses will be directed at them through lanes

Effective strategy: A good use of her skills is to run like hell when swarmed and play like an assassin and focus on one enemy at a time. Her target attack doubles as an air lunge and a quick way to escape a mess (a clumsier, yet practical form of Zozo’s Levitation). If that’s not a possibility, gather the baddies into a mesh and perform the light attack combo (Just hit B many times) and smash the lot to the ground, while tossing a bomb or two for good measure.

Other Notes: Ali’s Whistle is useful for Co-Op, but thanks to the limited amount of people playing, most likely won’t be used solo. The attention grabber will only be a nuisance in the mess of combat, as with the (DOWN A) smoke toss, it ruins the flow of Ali’s combat in Code of Princess.

Code of Princess

Primary: Attack, Defense, Mind                Secondary: Speed, Vitality, Piety

He’s cocky and he wants in on the action. His attacks defuses projectiles, yet his close proximity to enemies make him venerable for quick swipes and hits. You’ll need to up the Defense to not let the damage sting too hard once your attack bubble has been popped. Allegro is the noisiest of the Code of Princess Campaign four and will

Notable Powers:

100 MP Circular Electric shock (DOWN –> B or A, Air –> or <– B or A) sends an electric ball that shocks an enemy, turns them blue and any whoever touches the enemy, continues the shock to them.

Horizontal Power Cord (–> A or Air DOWN A or –> A) a Strum so powerful, it pushes enemies in the lanes backward.

Guitar Solo (Motionless B X4) A mid-range spherical attack on one lane, that creates pulses and denies enemies from entering the sphere.

150 MP Rock Quake (DOWN A) an earthquake crossing all three lanes and gives temporary attack bonus.

Targeted Foe: Circular Electric shock follows target through lanes

Effective Strategy: Surround yourself in enemies, trust me, perform a Rock Quake to up attack and spam Guitar Solo (I’m sorry for the name) to repress them. Following the guitar solo, Blind (X) then use the power cord attack to whichever side of enemy is closer and switch to the other side. Other Notes: Use “Moon” as a Blind ability to replenish health.

C’mon, if you felt compelled to read through this guide and STILL haven’t picked up Code of Princess

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