Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed has always been a very prominent series in the racing genre of video games. While they have been through rough patches in the past, lately they have been burning some quality rubber (PUN!!) with their latest titles. Now, the newest game in the series, Need for Speed: Most Wanted has its launch trailer ready to be viewed. Enjoy that below.

One thing you probably noticed about Most Wanted from the trailer: Holy cow it is a pretty game. Look at those shiny cars. Other things you can take from the trailer: Cop chases. Oh yes, the cops will chase you. Also, the world of Most wanted looks pretty open. It appears you aren’t confined to tracks or single areas, which is a very nice touch. Criterion seems to have done a band up job on this entry in the Need for Speed series.

Look for Need for Speed: Most Wanted to hit stores on October 30, for 360, PS3, and PC.

Source – PR

Check out Need for Speed: Most Wanted’s official site for more info.

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