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What a spectacular pain in the ass.  Achilles and all his Homestead buddies can go directly to hell with their stupid minigames.

So, here’s the deal.  In Assassin’s Creed 3, you must play and win a match of Bowls, Fanoroma and Morris in separate games at Homestead.  So I kept waiting for the game to add those little dice icons on my minimap on Homestead as I kept banging out story missions.  I was all the way into Sequence 10 and had murdered my way through the Templar order when it dawned on me, OBVIOUSLY, you have to complete a series of missions around the Homestead, including rescuing Prudence from a bear and helping Achilles get a chest he hid in a cave (of course at the farthest point on the map).  You have to not only have to unlock the innkeeper, but you have to unlock the Bowls pitch as well.  So bottom line, keep running around and doing Homestead missions around the map until all three icons are on your map.

Oh, ho, but that’s the easy part.  Then comes the part where you’re playing two games of wits and a game of skill against a computer opponent that CHEATS MERCILESSLY.   When their skill is listed as “Expert” when you start, they really mean “they are going to pull a spectacular victory from the jaws of defeat every match”.  However, watch how I did it and try to follow this strategy, and you should be able to eventually brute force your way through it.

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