Firmware Update

It’s another week, and it’s time for another Firmware Update! This week the boys tackle a week of big news and big articles. Expect a jam-packed episode this time around.

This week on the Firmware Update, we discuss the new Portal in Motion DLC that’s exculsively for the PS3. Is it worth buying back your Playstation Move for? Rumors abound that PS4 dev kits are being sent all over to be used by developers. Should we believe it, or is the PS4 still a few years away? Borderlands 2 is offering Halloween skins! Click on the link below to get them! Finally, the boys will also explain why Curt Schilling hates Rhode Island.

Finally, Tyler explains what six games will be future classics, and Joe and Malcolm explain why he’s wrong for not including Red Dead Redemption. Malcolm talks about his review for Ragnarok Odyssey, and why the Vita still has hope. Finally, Malcolm and Joe discuss their time with Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation.

All this plus, Tyler’s disgust for how Malcolm says his name in this week’s Firmware Update!

Want at the Borderlands 2 skins mentioned on the Firmware Update? Check it out here, but hurry! They expire November 4th!

Want to read Malcolm’s review of Ragnarok Odyssey, as discussed on the Firmware Update? Click here!

Want to follow Joe’s lead and help those hit by Hurricane Sandy? Head over to Red Cross and donate!


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