illo - birth of the cool, ios, kickstarter

With a title that sounds like the Italian version of “Engrish,” Raylight studios’ illo – birth of the cool seems like it may be overlooked. In any case, illo is a puzzle adventure game coming soon to iOS and Android devices. You’ll have to guide the titular illo through artsy obstacles with touching and sliding. Before we get into more detail, let’s dive into the teaser trailer.

Even with this brief glimpse of the game, the Disney (or perhaps Pixar) influence is clear. The cutesy, abstract visuals give illo quite a unique flavor. Tapping a platform sends illo there, and manipulating the environment is key to getting him there safely. That’s about all we can gleam from the trailer, but more is sure to come.

Or is it? Illo – birth of the cool is counting on Kickstarter to get itself off the ground. While EDGE magazine will be premiering exclusive developer diaries, there is no harm in spreading the word further. If this is a game you’re interested in, let someone know.

Now why did we say “Italian” ealier? Well, illo comes from the mind of Luca Eliani, Disney’s premiere voice actor for their Italian-translated films. That may seem odd, but stranger things have happened in video game land. Plus, film people moving into video game development isn’t uncommon; see Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox. Eliani has been playing video games since childhood; as an appreciator of art, he sees them as a logical step for him to take. He has this to say about his project:

The world of illo is a departure from anything you have ever seen before in a video game. It is outlandish, nightmarish, colourful, and spirited. Players of any age will be able to play at anytime, anywhere, and Kickstarter presents us the perfect route to bring such a unique IP to market. illo is a game that everyone can play, and through Kickstarter, we want everyone to help us make it.

If this seems like a game that interests you, help an underdog out and spread the word. Twitter and Facebook work nicely! In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots.

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