Encroaching on their one year anniversary, Elder Scrolls V, more aptly known as Skyrim, is getting its third DLC pack this year. We’ve gotten past Vampire guilds, killing/being blood suckers, and house building, now Bethesda will hit all of us in the Dovahkiins. Introducing “DragonBorn,” DLC content about Dragon shouters like our main character. Only this DragonBorn devourers dragons and seeks to return to the land and do something. Along the way there’s some giant mushrooms, evoking another hint at the resurgence of Morrowind, and high tailing out of nasty situations with Dragons!

Priced and dated for 1600 Microsoft Points ($20) and coming December 4th. A 360 exclusive for a bit until sometime in 2013 for PCs. A trailer is all we have to show for, check it out why don’t ya!

Will we see some aerial combat between dragons? Similar to the PS3 launch title of Lair, controlling dragons with the Six-Axis? Bah, who are we kidding, Dawnguard (Vampire DLC) isn’t even out on the PS3!

Sure its only a primer to what’s to come, but talk about competition! Why spend a full $60 on another game or go crazy on Black Friday? You know what to expect from Skyrim and more of it is totally welcome. Oh, and you face other powerful DragonBorn of decades past and ride dragons! As if our main Dragonborn Dovahkiins already absorbed our time in 2012, another $20 is thrown at Bethesda.

Source – Bethesda