Mortal Kombat

The same game series with the coolest live action trailer and mini-series, Mortal Kombat, will return to the silver screen. No brainer that a movie studios, Warner Bros, would make a movie out of a property they own, thanks to Midway’s collapse in 2009. On top of retaining the same director, it’ll have a budget of 40-50 million dollars, exceeding the 1995 film of 18 million. Sure there were hints of a film in the past, but this is a straight confirmation from a Warner Bros executive Lance Sloan.

“We’re preparing right now for the film with Kevin Tancharoen, who directed the digital series for us…He’s at the helm of the forty, fifty million dollar film.”

As a reminder of how hyped up the reboot will be, rewatch the 2010 trailer for the 2011 revamp of Mortal Kombat 9.

The Legacy series proved Mortal Kombat could entertain us with a gritty representation of the bloodiest of fighting games, on youtube. With a budget of a full fledge movie with the same director, its hard not to be excited for a reboot of the greatest videogame movie ever made.

Source — Worst Previews