Game Music Bundle

The Complete visual representation of Game Music Bundle 4

The quarterly indie package of average to fantastic Game Soundtracks is back! Game Music Bundle 4 is out now and for how sparse this entry is, it’s still worth more than the dollar they’re asking for. Read below for a brief synopsis of each album see if the last five albums will be worth shelling out $10 or more for Game Music Bundle. Get in before it ends on the 19th!

Game Music Bundle Tier 1: $1 – $9

Spelunky We reviewed this! Compared to the “spit in your face and you’ll love it” gameplay, the semi Genesis type soundtrack (think original Sonic the Hedgehog noises) is rather ho-hum overall. Sampling most songs, from the total of 62, few could standout and emerge from the hypothetical cave (because Spelunking).

Retro City Rampage – Review Incoming! Sure it panders to us nostalgic gamers, with a whole slew of 80s references and gaming epiphanies to keep us smiling. As for the soundtrack, Virt, Freaky DNA, and Norrin Radd retain the charm of the NES sound, while piling on with more gaming nudges and elbows to the past, see “Not Mega.”

Indie Game: The Movie: The Soundtrack – Not only is it a beautifully shot movie about independent developers, but the Jim Guthrie (Sword of Sorcery OST) score sets up nice methodically paced tracks to transition the film.

Dear Esther – part of the allure of this game is the immersive world through atmosphere and music. Needlessly to say, the soundtrack is something to gawk at.

Shoot Many Robots – Disasterpeace is back with a change of his normal 8-Bit adventure feel for rocking tunes of bluesy wailing guitars! A serious Stevie Ray Vaughn vibe it has going on, and boy, the other albums of Game Music Bundle 4 won’t be up to par to this master-peace.

 Game Music Bundle Tier 2: $10 or More

Joypad Powerup – A small collection of Orchestra covers of varying game soundtracks from Uncharted, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Portal

Kanto Symphony – You like remixes and Pokemon? Course you do! Check this Orchestral  album of Pokemon Red and Blue.

Skyrim Main Theme by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling– It’s the main theme of Elder Scrolls V done by TWO PEOPLE. One vocalist and one violist combining with 120 tracks of Skyrim’s patterned shouts and orchestra.

 Adventures in Pixels – There’s always non-soundtrack 8-Bit album in every Game Music Bundle, and Ben Landis’s manages to be the one. It’s not at all bad, with time it can grow on you like PROTODOME’s bouncy Jazzy work.

 JOTTOBOTS – A Josh Whelchel composition containing a decent 4 song album