Primal Carnage

Multiplayer games are hard to stay afloat for a couple of months, let alone in the trying times of the fall season with the Duties and the Halos. Primal Carnage, the grudge match between humans and dinosaurs, looks to retain its audience with new skins and a new game mode.

First, we have an objective based game mode in no way in relation to team death match. “Get to the Chopper,” furthers the list of Left 4 Dead v Primal Carnage comparisons with humans striving to get to the safe zone. While, of course, the escaped lab experiments attempt to eat/claw/bite/ram/drop/spit their way in to stop the advancing humans from escaping. In addition to humans losing the ability to respawn in a match for a battle to see how far your team of five humans will go.

Primal Carnage

The second piece of free DLC are Dinosaur skins. Each of the classes will get one alternative skin  to give an example, look above for an example. Names of the costume changes are Scorchedraptor, Agedcarno, Searing Tera, Tropicaldilo (Above), and Vilerex. Lastly, it is undeclared for what day both pieces of DLC will drop.

Primal Carnage is the best Dinosaur game out there. Granted, there’s about a handful or so actual playable games with Dinosaurs. Hell, some devilishly handsome of a writer gave it a 7.5 and one flaw was the lack of launch content. In fact, go read our Primal Carnage review.

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