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The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo’s latest handheld has a hard (near) two years on the market, what with slow sales and even giving away free games to early Nintendo 3DS adopters, it looks as though they’re ready to slash the price once again.
The fine folks over at Cheap Ass Gamer (who are all about saving you money) have found a Target ad that’s to sell the handheld for $130 the week of December 2nd to the 8th, and it’s leading many to believe that will be the new MSRP of $129.99!
Cheap Ass Gamer are rarely incorrect in their deals, and if this simply is a one-time/one week only thing, it’s still a great purchase.

Interestingly enough. there’s also a new SKU hitting the market that week too, a Blue Nintendo 3DS XL + Mario Kart 7 for $199.99. Looks like, it this is legit, that the original 3DS could lower to $129.99, while the 3DS stays at its MSRP of $199.
The Mario Kart 7 bundle is definitely a great deal, but a 3DS for $130 is also a great deal and if you’ve been holding out this long, might want to check in on your local Target this upcoming week…

We at Front Towards Gamer will definitely stay on top of this story, and be sure to check back as Sunday gets closer!

Source Gamingbolt