In a surprise press conference, Nintendo manages to kick start the slow news week with news of what they’re doing in this post Wii U world.The 30 minute presentation had these points to make…

+Reggie Fils-Aime (With Reggie Fils-Amii) thanks everyone who bought the Wii U and ongoing support of Nintendo fans

+An update on Lego City Undercover with a preview of what’s to come that’s already been said at E3, Chase McCain tails his archenemy of Rex Fury through the “Brick Theft Auto” world with various disguises, while using the gamepad, he scans the area for collectables and secrets.

+Pikmin 3 gets some intimate viewing time with a gameplay video with new enemies, coming some time in the Spring.

+Game and Wario is set to have 16 mini games utilizing the gamepad and TV in unison. “Gamer” lets the Wii U tablet play an integral part of the game, you play as a little girl preoccupied with her handheld at night, while keeping an eye on the TV screen to avoid noisy distractions and her parents checking up on her. “Fruit,” a 2-5 player stealth game that tasks the tablet holder to control a thief attempting to steal apples without the other 1-4 players finding out which of the sea of people is the thief.

+With no surprise, Wii Fit U presses on with over 70 activities to feel out of shape for. In addition to the new Fit Meter (Pedometer with an Nintendo Twist) that transfers it’s activity to Wii U wirelessly,

+Next Spring, as paid software, comes the Wii U Panorama View. it’ll give a 360 degree view of a fixed position from various parts of the world. Also, to try before you buy it’ll come with a demo including several views.


Nothing in this edition of Nintendo Direct could match this level of strange


+Luigi Mansion Dark Moon shows off some gameplay and announces that it’ll comes out in next Spring, no shocker here.

+Brain Age Concentration Training comes February 10th and does what the title says, along with a more dynamic difficulty scale, shifting to challenge your mind.

+Fire Emblem Awakening comes out February 4 for the 3DS. Awakening addition to the series are the customization, cut scenes, and then the relationship levels consisting of players warming up to each other in fights or conversations. Oh and the story revolves around undead soldiers.

+Tokyo Crash Mobs live action 3DS eshop game about tossing people into people by the color of their outfits before they are abducted by UFOs.

+HarmoKnight, Gamefreak’s anti-Pokemon game, comes soon to the eShop for Rhythm based platforming action! A very tongue in cheek verison of the Bit Trip Runner series, with various instruments as obstacles.

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