PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale has hit PlayStation 3’s and Vitas alike, and is doing well for itself. One of the complaints featured is the lack of other characters from Sony’s biggest franchises – many of these franchises only feature one per franchise, except Cole from inFamous, oddly enough, and that the characters seem a bit restricted. With the inclusion of the Big Daddy from BioShock, the gauntlet’s been thrown on third party characters in this kind of game. Here are a few choice fighters that we probably won’t see. It’s a damn shame, too.

Why She’s Perfect: Bayonetta is heavily inspired by the likes of God of War and Devil May Cry (with their protagonists in the game already), tying the loose ends with a nonsensical story and a remarkably likable protagonist. She’s pretty much built for this game, with her various slashing and gunslinging combos you have at your disposal.

Why She’ll Never Fit: Bayonetta (the franchise) died after the first game, and was recently reincarnated by Nintendo, who is publishing Bayonetta 2 exclusively for the Wii U. With that in mind, we can pretty much kiss her goodbye in PlayStation All-Stars, and just hope she’s in the next Super Smash Bros.


Why He/She’s Perfect: Despite Commander Shepard’s actions residing in the player’s hands, the abilities and gadgets available to any Commander Shepard are plentiful. The amount of biotic powers, assault weapons, and technical gadgets available would be astounding. I’d take it a step further and add both Male Shepard and Female Shepard. Have one be a soldier and one be a biotic. I mean, they palette-swapped Cole already, and this variant would actually change how they play.

Why He/She’ll Never Fit: BioWare hasn’t had the best of years in 2012. The infamous Mass Effect 3 ending dropped and disappointed many, Star Wars: The Old Republic is essentially one giant flop, and their two founding doctors have departed. The odds they’re willing to throw Shepard in this dice-roll when his or her story is already over is slim.

Why He’s Perfect: PlayStation All-Stars is already filled with gunslingers. Nathan Drake, Dante, Nariko, Jak & Daxter, all of these characters use guns and weaponry in different ways, and Max Payne’s style of shooting would be tough to nail down, but it would be a unique spin on the aforementioned gunslinging.

Why He’ll Never Fit: Max Payne’s arsenal isn’t bad, but what makes him Max Payne is the bullet-time, and besides the super moves, where would you be able to put that in PlayStation All-Stars? 

Why He’s Perfect: In a game that’s part cartoonish mascots, and part white male protagonists, Rayman would fit snuggly in the former. Put him in his Origins routine, but also give some love to the Rabbids in some super moves or combos. You could go pretty much anywhere with this character, and it’s this malleability that keeps Rayman alive and breathing today.

Why He’ll Never Fit: Rayman’s in some sort of pseudo-resurgence these days. Rayman Origins wasn’t a huge financial hit, but it was a critical darling. When next to these established “all-stars”, it would be weird to see someone as distant as Rayman occupying the roster. But, you have characters like Toro and Spike from Ape Escape, so that might not be a great excuse. All I’m saying is, get him in, Superbot!

The One-Winged Angel himself.

Why He’s Perfect: Sephiroth is the defacto Final Fantasy villain, plain and simple. When you think of Final Fantasy, you think of Cloud and Sephiroth, who are both pretty much on even footing. Sure, Cloud wouldn’t be bad, but I’d love to see the twisted super moves that Sephiroth would bring to the arena, along with his swordsmanship.

Why He’ll Never Fit: Square-Enix already has their own cross-game fighter in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and it’s sequel.

PlayStation All-Stars

John Marston is pretty good at making a killing.

Why He’s Perfect: Guns, personality, guns, great series stage potential, did we mention guns? Sure, Nathan Drake totes the AK’s and the grenades, but John would bring six shooters and whips to the table. Take into account the Dead Eye ability for some awesome super moves, and you’ve got a great character. Plus, Red Dead Redemption was a damn good game that deserves some legs to stand on.

Why He’ll Never Fit: Red Dead Redemption, much like all Rockstar titles, isn’t directly associated with Playstation, but neither was Big Daddy. Add that to the fact that Marston’s story was a very deep, personal experience, and having him do wacky things a la Nathan Drake in PlayStation All-Stars is almost a bastardization of that character.

Why He’s Perfect: He was Sony’s mascot for God’s sake; built to take on Mario head-on. Don’t you all remember the ads with Crash bad-mouthing Nintendo while promoting the Playstation? Crash is (was) Playstation. His wacky array of moves fits perfectly with that old Sony vibe you’ll get from characters like Heihachi and Toro. You’ve got Spike from Ape Escape in PlayStation All-Stars for god’s sake, give the actual Sony mascot some love.

Why He’ll Never Fit: Oh, he might…way down the road and for a price. Activision holds the Crash Bandicoot franchise by the throat for now. While we believe they’d allow him in the game, we can’t imagine it would be cheap…for SuperBot or for the consumer.

Spyro’s confused about why he’s not in All-Stars, either.

Why He’s Perfect: Remember what we just said about Crash? It applies here, minus those commercials. Plus, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is severely lacking in the dragon department. Notice the sheer amount of white males.

Why He’ll Never Fit: See Activision, greed.

All of the above characters would make great additions to one of the most fun fighting games of the year, but there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that even a couple of them would make it in. Hopefully in the next All-Stars they can add more obscure fighters from a broader selection of games. While you’ve got some new flavor, why don’t you check out our own review of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale!