In Bizarrely Awesome news, THQ and Humble Bundle paired up for some generous and cheap consumer support. In the next six or so days (Ends Early December 12th), so you know it’s time to spread your hard earned or stolen money toward charity, Humble Bundle, and now THQ.

Running through Steam, you can now snag Darksiders the Zelda-esque, Metro 2033 the under appreciated, Red Faction Armeddon the destructible, Company of Heroes the strategic, COH: Opposing Fronts the expansion, and COH: Tales of Valor the expansion sequel? Lastly, if you donate over the average amount, then Saints Row: The Third is yours for the most fun you’ll have in an Open world (as of 2011).

As of this posting, 663,000 Bundles were sold for the total of $3.7 million  However, don’t let this get your hopes up to save the company from dire financial times. The average price of contributions toward the bundle is $5.58 compared to the stock price of THQ, the bundle beats it 4 to 1. (Oh ho! Finance Jokes!)

This is just wild speculation, but two of the top 10 donors ($1,650 and $1,050) are the CEO and President of THQ, Brain Farrell and Jason Rubin. Could be them supporting their company out of own good will or desperation, or most likely just a couple of wealthy jokers trolling THQ.