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So, Far Cry 3 endings…let me get this straight, Ubisoft:

SPOILER ALERT (Duh, this IS called “Endgame Theater”)



Jason Brody (Bro-dee, like “bros”, eh?) is forced with a “difficult” decision: murder his girlfriend and all the people he spent the ENTIRE GAME rescuing to satisfy his jungle fever, or…hold on to the vestiges of his humanity and NOT slit the throats of all his friends for a piece of tail?  Yeah, tough decision, but of course, I had to play both ways to see how it went down.

And for the love of god, if you’re going to allow me to pick difficulties at the beginning of a game, there better damn well be an achievement for beating Far Cry 3 on the game’s hardest difficulty.  God damnit.

Still apart from the crazy story beats that someone should have really gone over before the game went live, the gameplay for Far Cry 3 is a hell of a good time.