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Well, folks, we may have found our replacement for third podcast host!  Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan (known affectionately by men of the homosexual variety as “The Cinnabon for your Soul”) has really stepped in and cleaned up, getting the ‘Front Towards Gamer Radio’ seal of approval from gaming podcast queen and necrophiliac lush Gigi.

(PS: the nice thing about Shanghai writing the post copy for the FTGR shows is that he can really write whatever in the hell he likes.  See, like right here? All him, talking in the third person, which is extremely bizarre.)

Anywhoozle, the show goes extra long as Quinn talks about his time with the Omega Mass Effect 3 DLC, Gamergirl oddly nattering on and on about her joke-game-turned-serious-addiction with Smurf Village, while the three of them try to talk spoiler free about Far Cry 3 and the surprisingly-not-terrible Spike VGAs this year.