Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends, the greatest reason to own a Wii U. As if we needed another vindication to love this series, here is the “Castle Rock” trailer, which does what it intends. Ram Jam’s Black Betty pulses through the level, as the creatures of the land pop in to sing their intelligible gibberish lyrics known in the current Rayman series. Well worth a look-see at the potential at this game, seriously, this is merely a musical side mission.

Every bounce and hit matches the cymbals, while each slide runs smoothly with the shredding wailing guitar. Certainly more streamlined and focused compared to the evasive tricky treasure seen in Origins, nonetheless, exclamations and nonsensical symbols won’t do Rayman Legends justice. Lastly, a note to all Wii U owners, this is a demo and it’s out now along with three other levels, so get on that Rayman Legends!