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Nintendo Force Rises from the Ashes of Nintendo Power

nintendo force, magazine

It wasn’t long ago that Nintendo Power announced it was closing down. Now, a new website has revealed its successor, Nintendo Force. IGN editor Lucas M. Thomas has gathered some names from across Nintendo-based gaming sites to create this magazine.

Now, it must be said that Nintendo Force is a spiritual successor to Nintendo Power – not an actual replacement. Future Publishing (the company behind Nintendo Power) is not responsible for this magazine; it is completely fan-run. And just who are these fans/editors? Have a look.


nintendo force, magazine

Now you’re playing with force! …yeah that’s never going to sound right. In any case, this is certainly a noble gesture from some Nintendo buffs in the journalism industry. We’re definitely excited to see what this crew creates.

Nintendo Force will certainly be covering plenty of WiiU material, but you can check out our thoughts on the system in the meantime!