dark souls II, from software, concept art

Dark Souls II was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards, and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s been lots of talk regarding new modes and features, but now we have something concrete. The official Dark Souls II website now has concept art up for all to see. Oh, did we say “concrete?” We totally meant “up for speculation,” so let’s do that!

You’ll find all the art in the gallery below, but first, here’s our take. The first shot brings to mind Demon’s Souls‘ Shrine of Storms; the second looks like a combination of Dark Souls‘ Undead Parish and Darkroot Garden. It’d be nice to see some fusion of environments from the past Souls games in Dark Souls II. Other shots reveal new enemies: a knight who resembles Solaire, a chariot-rider, a Dead Space-esque creature, a burning enemy akin Resident Evil 4‘s Garrador, a heavy executioner, and a large bearded warrior with a bell for a helmet (a.k.a., a “bell-met”). The shots also reveal two weapons: an axe, the blade of which is a skewered bat, and a gauntlet. Finally, another shot reveals some sort of pendant.

Well, abstract drawings certainly have us hyped for Dark Souls II. Have a look at the artwork below, and tell us your thoughts on the upcoming release.

(Click for enlarged view).

We’re very excited for Dark Souls II, and we loved the first game. Check out our review here!