sing hero, pi studios, canceled

Don’t worry – Sing Hero never made it past the trademark phase. This is not an announcement article. While the likes of Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero were heading up the ski lift to canceled mountain, another “heroic” game was in the works.

What do we know about Sing Hero? Well, your score was based on how many fans you amassed…and that’s about it. Some mockup art was released, but that’s about all we’ll ever see of the game. We know that saddens you (sarcasm is difficult to convey in text), so we’ll let you check out said artwork.

Pi Studios, the team in charge of porting the Rock Band series to Wii, was meant to head up the Sing Hero project. They have since shut down, so don’t expect this karaoke spin-off soon…or really, ever.

While we won’t miss Sing Hero much, we did lament Guitar Hero a few years ago. You can check that out right here.