Dead Space 3

Xbox! Lose grip on reality!

To a surprise to no one, Dead Space 3 is going to have Kinect tech tied in. Come early February, Isaac Clarke’s 3rd adventure with those pesky Necromorphs will include optional voice commands. Not as effective as Skyrim’s and Mass Effect 3’s abilities with Kinect, Dead Space 3‘s voice commands come only as novel delayed button presses with nothing totally striking out as significantly useful.

Kinect commands such as “Reload Weapon, Use Status, Quick Heal, Find Partner, and Give Partner Ammo” are one of the many Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 3, runs down in the video below. In it, you’ll hear people gawking over the game and shouting commands as they play, then speak of how Visceral Games adds various dialects perplexed by Kinect in games past. Accented Gamers rejoice!