Star Wars Feature Small Comic Book Issue #1

The universe of Star Wars is vast and densely populated. We’re not talking about the space, worlds and empires kind of universe, but the Expanded Universe of movies, books and comics. Since first premiering Star Wars has been a beloved creation and many have added their tales to expound and flesh out the life of this work. While many begin their journey with the movies some people find their way to the bookshelves looking for more.

With a seemingly endless sea of these expanded universe books and comics that exist it’s hard to pick out the ones to read. Dark Horse Comics now brings another comic from Brian Wood, the author of The Massive, Conan the Barbarian and MARA. This new Star Wars #1 brings something that many of the countless other series lacked: the same classic characters and story-line as the movies.

Star Wars Darth Sidious Comics

All is NOT well in the Sith household.

Set after the destruction of the first Death Star we’re re-introduced to familiar characters of the Star Wars universe. Luke and Leia are on a mission searching for a new base of operations for the Rebel Alliance. Darth Vader gets a demotion and reaming, all while looking as imposing or more so than even memory serves. This story, unlike many others, should be easily accessible to new-comers wanting to get into the Expanded Universe.

We’re given new insight into the characters we know and love. Carlos D’Anda, artist for Batman: Arkham City comic, does a splendid job of bringing the world written by Brian Wood into a detailed and expressive level worth of the Star Wars mythos. The banter between Luke and Leia bring us up-to-date on the relationship dynamics and changes that have happened since the movie credit reel rolled.

Star Wars Leia


If there is any star of Star Wars #1 then it would have to be Leia. For the first time Leia is shown piloting an X-Wing. Not only is she a pilot, but she holds equal stature as Luke and their team-mate Wedge. She’s not just a figure-head of the Rebel Alliance, or the slave, but a true contributor to the cause. Leia is the warrior princess she’ll become in the movies, even having a one-on-one with an Imperial solider. It’s this scene above all that epitomizes Star Wars #1, when we see the determination and survival in Leia’s eyes.

When we first mentioned Star Wars #1 on the last issue of Comic Station, there was hope for the series. We weren’t disappointed when the first issue gets off to an action-packed and insightful footing. If the series continues on this track it’ll be a great jumping off point for new fans while adding enough new details for old fans. It brings hope that the series will do the expansive history and legends of Star Wars justice, no small feat. Only Issue #2 and further will tell.

Star Wars #1 Comic Book