Savage Wolverine Issue #1 Feature

Wolverine has always been a favorite of the Marvel and X-Men line of characters. He’s been made and un-made, at the Institute and Japan, even through time. Some series have been met with more acceptance and acclaim than others. When creating Savage Wolverine they not only brought back the classic Wolverine we love, but took us to the one place where his animalistic nature could truly shine: The Savage Land.

First, I fully welcome back the yellow and black spandex. Some may ridicule this wardrobe, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Wolverine. Besides, he’d still kick your butt easily. Also, this callback brings with it what I can only image was the artist’s intent to conjure nostalgic memories of when Wolverine was at his prime of popularity and for good reason.

For this reason, it might be a little off-putting to see the inclusion of SHIELD agents. Their inclusion conflicts with what was hoped to be the loner savage Wolverine that I’ve been craving. Gladly, this disappointment quickly fades with a little help from the local indigenous people and creatures as they thin the herds a bit and create some gory and glorious action scenes like the one below.

Savage Wolverine Dino Fight

Where else but the Savage Land could this awesome encounter happen?

The story of Savage Wolverine #1 takes off to a slow burn, setting the stage and introducing the main characters enough that newcomers won’t be too out of the loop as the series progresses. The inclusion of SHIELD agents muddies the waters a bit, but opens the possibilities to include some cameos later in the series as well. Unfortunately, the artwork is not as stand-out as some of the other current Wolverine offerings (Personal Favorite: Wolverine MAX). While crisp with the occasionally detailed close-up and bright colors that make the inhabitants of The Savage Land gorgeous, it still lacked anything more ground-breaking then some panel bleeding or across-page artwork.

When we introduced Savage Wolverine in Issue #3 of Comic Station the idea of another Wolverine series that took place in the Savage Land sounded like a perfect fit. After reading Savage Wolverine #1 we conclude that it takes a number of steps forwards, and a few steps back, but as a fan of Wolverine the it hits enough good nerves to make me satisfied with this entry and hopeful for more. 

Savage Wolverine #1