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Wait, what? These seven jerkoffs can be redeemed? They don’t nuke the planet, murder their associates and innocent bystanders in the end?  YES.  All seven heroes in The Cave have a “Good” ending (well, “good” ending as in “lawful”, not particularly “great”), but it is nice to see these folks all turn it around in the end.

For those of you wondering how to make THAT happen, when the clerk hands you the “Object of Desire” for that character, simply return it to him by pushing the “X” button three times.  You will return the item to the clerk and leave The Cave empty handed….but alive and no longer morally reprehensible!

You could always want to see the seven “bad” endings and watch these clowns set the world on fire with their respective deadly sins; we’ve got that as well, come check out our videos for the seven bad endings for The Cave!