Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines celebrates everything a Xenomorph fan could ever want. Diving into the films, the comics, and crafting new formidable foes for the sake of retaining the fear and destructive nature the creature evokes (also enemy variety). The nimble Xenomorph, their cat like agility, relentless penetration, and lack of remorse combine to make the perfect foil and villain for the ever vigilant game player. However, Aliens: Colonial Marines is the title of Gearbox’s next futuristic First Person Shooter. Those acid-spewing lizards aren’t in the title, it’s about the Space Marines’ ripping rear and chomping down cigars. Well, that’s the vibe from the Aliens: Colonial Marines “Kick Ass” trailer, good luck Marines! Watch out for the vents, and the ceiling, and underneath the floor, oh, stay away from the water too. You know what, just lose all hope.