The Walking Dead

And the final nail in Season 1’s coffin is the retrospective stats trailer, spoiling and making us weep from the painful memories we’ve endured throughout 2012. In the Walking Dead recap, you’ll see that most people did the same things you did and scream in fury as your righteous act is revealed to oppose the majority.

Seek below the video for a text version of the major choices shown in the video. And why don’t you check out our predictions on the next season of the Walking Dead? I heard Clementine read it, you like Clementine right?

Cut off Lee’s arm?

Spared –> 29%

Cut –> 71%

Lost their temper with Kenny?

Stayed cool–> 27%

Threw the bust –> 73%

Who to take care of Clem?

Silence –> 3%

Kenny –> 12%

Good Home –> 21%

Christa & Omid –> 64%

Surrendered weapons?

Concealed –> 41%

Gave them Up –> 59%

Took down the Stranger?

Lee –> 44%

Clem –> 56%

What did Clem do with the Handcuffs?

Restrain Zombie –> 18%

Restrain Lee –> 82%

Told Clem to do?

Leave –> 37%

Shoot –> 63%