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Front Towards Gamer is in the market for a “community manager“.  And by “community manager”, I mean more of the “community creator”.

Here at Front Towards Gamer, we’ve got a bevy of hard working writers who are putting out tons of great material, but the information needs to get out to the gaming population at large.  Conversations need to be sparked, and people need to be interacted with.  They need to LIKE us.  Sure, people have us on their RSS feed, but we want more from people.  We want people talking to each other about video games, and all the while using Front Towards Gamer as a touchstone to do so.   And in order to do that, we need a social media captain; someone who loves themselves some Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and all the other nooks and crannies where people are talking about games, and enjoy sparking up a chat about the latest news (while pointing them back to FTG).

It’s a tireless, thankless job that’s impossible to quantify, but it is one that needs doing, and having a writer also be the social media guy never seems to work out as needed.  You can only squeeze so much blood out of a stone, and as we here at Front Towards Gamer are on a volunteer basis minus the occasional review copy, it’s wanting to be a part of something larger.

So what are we looking for:

  • Literate, well spoken (well, “typed” anyway)
  • Gamer with a grasp of what’s going on in gaming news daily
  • Calm, cool, collected: we don’t want our social manager jumping up and down on someone’s throat over an argument, stern rebuttals vs. kicking and screaming
  • Keep the swearing to a minimum; if it’s in a PG-13 movie, then you’re probably good to go.

This may sound like a fall-off-a-log simple position, but for Front Towards Gamer, it is the “Spinal Tap drummer” position of people jumping in, lasting a week, then getting bored and self immolating or not bothering.

All parties interested can applying for the community manager position can send an email to, where you will undergo a short probationary period before we hand the keys to our Twitter/Facebook pages over to you.

Thanks, and good luck!