Gears of War JudgmentAntsy about the next Gears of War? Worried People Can Fly inputs too much Bulletstorm in your precious series about chainsaw guns and stocky guff dudes? Gears of War Judgment steps ahead with a trailer showcasing the bizarre happenstance of new weapons, turret placing, and the two most interesting characters of the series (Baird and Cole).

Baird starts off giving the exposition about the campaign we’ll probably shrug, while the new stuff comes rolling out.The clever dogs at People Can Fly did sneak their three-star Echo missions within Gears of War Judgment called Declassify missions, granting new goodies for three-staring all like new characters, armor skins, and something Baird teases. Declassify mission comprises of optional horde-esque (survive in an area) levels giving an extra challenge from the game controlling the weapon use, enemies, and map.

Instead of scripted enemy placement, People Can Fly introduces the smart spawn system, a mixed bag of attackers charging at ya. As well as turrets and barricades in sparse areas for Gears of War Judgment to be the most strategic of series. New enemy of the Rager, simply berate it enough and watch as they morph into a thorny red locust, thrashing at any bit of human flesh.

Gears of War Judgment features all of the familiar of Gears of War 3 with a zesty twist of new developer hands at People Can Fly. Mark those calenders for its “emergence day” of March 19th.