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Skulls of the Shogun released this week for every platform under the sun (minus Steam, of course). The clock is ticking, and Dead Space 3 comes out Tuesday.  Will I be able to bang out all 55 gold skulls in Skulls of the Shogun this weekend for the “Kingdom of the Golden Skull” achievement? Not likely.  But stay tuned, I’ll try to add them as I complete levels and edit videos together!

Chapter One: Line Limbo (One gold skull)

Chapter Two: Bedlam Beach (One gold skull)

Chapter Three:  Archer’s Ambush (Two gold skulls)

Chapter Four: Glorious Gates (Three gold skulls, and your first real challenge)

Chapter Five: Sakura’s Solace (Three gold skulls)

Chapter Six: Pink Pursuit (Three gold skulls)

Chapter Seven: Potion Panic (Three gold skulls)

Chapter Eight: Guardian Gardens (Three gold skulls)

Come check out our Skulls of the Shogun Youtube playlist, as well as the rest of our Front Towards Gamer videos!

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