Mass Effect 3Mass Effect 3 news is a weekly occurrence at this point, but this latest development is one of the most interesting yet. Savvy gamers have found source files of something called “Mass Effect 3: Reckoning“. The leak was traced to the Clevernoob forums by user ‘TSA_383’, a user who’s had a knack for finding these sort of leaks, in Mass Effect 3, who explained that Reckoning is a cooperative mode that stems from your choices and morality from your Mass Effect 3 save. Not which color you picked for the ending, but the actual choices you’ve made throughout the game, and by proxy, the whole franchise.

“I’ve never seen anything like this one though, it’s SUPER clean. Like, usually the DLC_shared files even in the patches contained bits of script, all of them had the stuff from Leviathan at least, and this one’s more or less blanked. Everything cut. Also, the coalesced files aren’t able to be opened, I’m not sure if they’re encrypted or what but I can’t make sense of them at all, whereas every other one had all its details hanging out making suggestive poses… To be clear, a lot of this stuff doesn’t technically NEED to be in a patch, it’s just that previously they’ve not removed it and I’ve been able to leak stuff often months in advance :D.” -TSA_383

It is perplexing why this keeps happening, more specifically with Mass Effect 3 DLC. Not many other games get this kind of leakage, and none have it happen so frequently. These rumors would only be speculation on most occasions, but these details match those of a specific Mass Effect 3 Reddit leak, also promising co-op story missions and a new co-op mode. This leak featured even more specifics, however, promising four new maps, and Hazard variations the Earth DLC maps. It doesn’t help that this message was found and quickly offed the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

“The day of reckoning is nigh! The Reckoning Multiplayer Expansion brings six new never before seen co-op story missions to the game and new co-op gameplay modes. It provides four new maps to conquer and hazard variations of the Earth maps. It also enables reinforcement packs that offer new kits for the salarians, krogans, humans and volus. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons (Chakram Launcher, Blood Pack Punisher and Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle).”

Mass Effect 3 has had plenty of sizable upgrades, but Reckoning will make the rest look like horse armor if all these details come together. All this content makes me thing that there’s almost no way that Reckoning will be free like all the others, seeing as it will read your single player data on top of the usual deluge of maps and weapons. But from what the previous screenshots of new material show, it’s obvious that something big is heading to Mass Effect 3.

Source: Eurogamer