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PAX East is less than a month away, and as of course, three day badges were sold out in a matter of microseconds. However, Front Towards Gamer is fortunate to have a PAX East 2013 golden ticket available for one of our lucky readers. Want a chance to win? Here’s how it’s going to go down: we’re going to be raffling off our badge and supporting Front Towards Gamer’s military gaming charity, Operation Supply Drop, in one fell swoop, with a drawing being held over our 24-hour February gamernight on February 23rd!  That should give our winner plenty of time to get travel and hotel arrangements for Boston!

For those of you not familiar, Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010 here at Front Towards Gamer to get video games into the hands of soldiers deployed to high threat combat zones like Afghanistan.  As of the writing of this post, OSD has raised $147,000 in games and gear for soldiers in harms way, and we’re trying to clear that 150K mark for February!  We just sent out $4800 in care packages to a cavalry platoon and a Special Forces team in Afghanistan for January, care package code name ISIS AGENT, to give you an idea of where we’re coming from.

By donating $3 to Operation Supply Drop, you will get a single ticket. You can buy as many tickets as you like through donations (but please buy them all at once, Paypal takes a huge chunk out of every donation, no matter how small). If you were to donate a total of $60, that’s twenty chances to win for the list price of the currently unavailable PAX East 2013 three-day badge. On top of that, you know you’re doing good supporting our troops overseas with something we all love, vidjagames.

Well, how does one make a donation to win that PAX East badge?  Three simple ways to donate:

1) Use the Chipin link on the front of Front Towards  OR
2) Use the Chipin link on the front page of Operation Supply  OR
3) Make a Paypal donation to

Or just use this link right here:

If you have any questions, please send them to  Good luck!