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FLASH IGNITE: Operation Supply Drop’s 24-Hour League of Legends Charity Gamernight, Feb 23-24

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Today is the big day! Head over to Charisma Plus 2’s livestream to get in on the fun!  Remember, prizes being raffled off to folks who donate using the Chipin link on the right hand side of the page!  Just use the one marked “FLASH IGNITE”!


Front Towards Gamer’s military gaming charity, Operation Supply Drop, is about to break $150,000 in donations of building video game care packages for troops deployed to combat zones!  And we’re going to clear this milestone with a 24-hour gamernight/charity drive on February 23rd, battling on the Fields of Justice inside of Riot Games’ League of Legends!  

The night will be codenamed “FLASH IGNITE”, and anyone who’s spent any time in League of Legends recognizes that most summoners will select these two spells to use in a fight!

Why League of Legends?  Simple: Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, made a huge donation to Operation Supply Drop over Veterans’ Day and the Holidays including thousands of dollars of Riot Points and champion skins that we have been sending in our care packages for months to come, so we wanted to do a little something back to show our appreciation!

Saturday, February 23rd 1200 Eastern to Sunday, February 24th 1200 Eastern.  24 hours of 5v5 goodness!

Currently, we’re working with our good friends over at gamer modeling (see also: “booth babe”) agency Charisma Plus 2, as well as our new Summoner friends over at GGChronicle and the Trinity Force Podcast to help get the word out, run livestreams and generally tear it up inside of “Da Rift”.

We’re also going to be sweetening the pot as well during the live event with a charity raffle.  $3 gets you a ticket, there’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, and we’ll be giving out some pretty swank gear to our donors throughout the evening! Right now, the big prize of the night will be $150 in Riot Points.

 That’s a hell of a lot of Champion skins!  We will update if we get a sweeter prize to raffle off as well, and we’ll have smaller prizes to raffle off throughout the event, but the big prize are the Riot Points!


Charisma Plus 2 have announced the girls who will be “manning” the FLASH IGNITE C+2 livestream (http://www.twitch.tv/cplus2)!  Pictured from Left to Right below: Roxanne, Patricia, Midi, Lulu, Gina, Dollie, CJ!

UPDATE (18 February)

Just a few days away, and more supporters are coming to the fray!

  • On top of the big prize we’re handing out to one lucky donor ($150 in Riot Points), professional League of Legends player Xmithie from Team Vulcun will be donating a 30-minute one-on-one lesson to one of our donors!  On top of that, he will be stopping by throughout the day when he’s done with his daily scrimmages for Team Vulcan.
  • Major League Gaming shoutcaster Tom “Optimus Tom” Searfoss and Adam “Pwnophobia” Cogswell will be running a livestream from their base of operations, the GGChronicle livestream.  Head over there to check it out!  
  • Want to play League with some smoking hot ladies? Charisma’s model/summoner list is available! Swing on by the Charisma Plus 2 livestream, or you can find them at the following:
    Model name: Gina
    Twitter: @chuchuroon
    Summoner name: chuwei
    Model name: Luluu
    Twitter: @lubuns
    Summoner name: Bunnie
    Model name: CJ
    Summoner name: SeeJae
    Model name: Midi
    Twitter: @sedicius
    Summoner name: Midi
    Model name: Dollie
    Twitter: @PwnDoll
    Summoner name: Nymeri
    Model name: Fabienne
    Summoner name: killrbeauty