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This is a work in progress (primarily because each damn chapter is taking me two hours of gameplay, then another hour or so to edit, then another hour to render….bah, you get the idea).  Anyway, here is Front Towards Gamer’s Dead Space 3 Impossible Walkthrough!

Chapter One: Rude Awakening

Chapter Two: Own Your Own AND Chapter Three: The Roanoke

Chapter Four: History’s Ember

Chapter Four Optional: The CMS Greely

Chapter Five: Expect Delays

Chapter Six: Repair to Ride

Chapter Seven: Mayhem

Chapter Eight: Off the Grid

Chapter Nine: Onward

Chapter Nine Optional: Supply Depot

Chapter Ten: Now We Know

Chapter Eleven: The Lost Signal

Chapter Twelve: Autopsy

Chapter Thirteen: Reach for the Sky

Chapter Fourteen: Everything Has its Place

Chapter Fifteen: A Change of Fortune

Chapter Sixteen: What Lies Below

Chapter Seventeen: A Strange City

Chapter Eighteen: Kill or Be Killed

Chapter Nineteen: Endings

The Final Boss of Dead Space 3!

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