Xbox Live ArcadeFirst party publishers and the like have always been secretive about their game sales. Unless they’re some finite number filled with zeros about the amount shipped, it’s not something for the public.

Ryan Langley, designer at HalfBrick and Gamasutra editor, took the liberty to take a peek at the leaderboards of every Xbox Live Arcade game to release last year and boy, it really put things in perspective. It’s a rough, yet a surprisingly precise estimate at the thousands of players. Looky look at Langley’s Xbox Live Arcade By The Numbers Tumblr Post!

Here’s a taste of the super detailed look at every exclusive, indie, and publisher specific run down and below are 10 highest and notable lows Langley marked in the full list HERE.

Xbox Live Arcade

10 Highest Leaderboards

Minecraft: 360 Edition 5,002,370

Trials Evolution 1,090,756

Happy Wars 1,468,004 (FREE TO PLAY —> Not included)

Gotham City Imposters 335,791

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 308,673

I Am Alive 289,951

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD 236,252

Magic: TG– Planeswalkers 194,885

Fez 168,566

Wreckateer 126,924

Deadlight 117,549


Notable Low…

Diabolical Pitch 1,838

Nights into Dreams…7,919

Guardians of Middle-earth 18,334

Quantum Conundrum 32,735

Dragon’s Lair 3,573

Joe Danger 2: The Movie 18,125

Serious Sam 3: BFE 21,421 —> DLC 873